Cup Noodle Museum?

Posted by: Boba

I’ve always thought museums were the boringest* places to go to when I was a kid. School field trips anyone? But this… can’t tell if I would enjoy going here or not. It’s a museum for instant noodle. WTF Only in Japan.

After Us

Posted by: hotpire

Wong Fu Productions is back with another heartbreaker, After Us. “Strangers, again” followed the journey a relationship from the moment two people met, to when they fell in love, and unfortunately, to their eventual breakup — It was told from a guy’s point of view. This time around, we are brought into the aftermath of a once loving relationship, told from the girl’s point of view. Enjoy!


Posted by: Findy

another it’sJudysLife vlog :)

Valentine’s Day in High School

Posted by: Tofu Girl

Valentine’s day in high school is more confusing and awkward than it is romantic.

Brian Puspos and Aja Dang

Posted by: BLT

BF/GF couple, Brian Puspos and Aja Dang have taken their relationship, their skills and their talent and turned it into a series of videos that is something special to watch. They are a testament of love and the kind of synergy that two people can bring into a relationship.


Asian Parents Gives Birth To Sushi Baby

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thought this picture was worth sharing lol


Who’s better at playing the ukulele?

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While My Guitar Gently Weeps by Jake Shimabukuro

or the kid playing the same song?

and the winner is…


YesStyle, The Korean x Japanese x Chinese Clothing Company

Posted by: shon

When it comes to YesStyle, I immediately think about Wong Fu Productions and Wong Fu Weekend’s episode 71 (1st video below), where Phil, Wes and Ted goes to the YesStyle retail store in San Francisco, California and attempt to dress up like a K-pop boy band. It wasn’t difficult to do since YesStyle specialists in exotic Asian clothes like “droopy shirt…”

Extended Scenes From WFW 71 0 KPOP Makeover

YesStyle For Women:

YesStyle For Men:



that face!

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the gif in this post depicts more accurately what will happen to you when you fall for those eyes…



“Kirk’s dik-diks” are a species of small antelope

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This little one is Neo.



Him and his sister was rejected by their mom :( but the Chester Zoo proudly adopted the two and now they have a wonderful home.





Cathy Nguyen Music

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My favorite Cathy Nguyen covers of all time.


Best of Simon’s Cat

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Annoying or cute? or both?

…AND if you like Simon’s Cat, you’re gonna love his long lost cousin, Pilot!