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What do you mean, one last time?

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KINJAZ on America’s Best Dance Crew

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Killed it

Surprise Wedding Music Video

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Nearing the end of the wedding, all the guests were instructed to find a manila envelope taped underneath their tables. The note in the envelope revealed that they were going to be a part of a music video shoot planned by the newly married couple (Robert & Teresa). After being briefed for just 10 minutes, it was LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION.

K-POP Dance Game 2015 ( from people around the world )

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The Dance Game is game whereby a random* song is played and anyone in the audience can jump into the dance floor and dance. The list of songs played is often released for all the participants to see in advance, however, not everyone who participates have seen the list. KPOP songs often have choreography associated with the songs, which makes these synchronized dancing with random participants possible.

Miami, USA – KCON

Sweden – NÄRCON

Czech Republic – Flashmob

Lisbon, Portugal – Flashmob

Los Angeles, USA – KCON

Here is one with dance groups in Thailand – Korat Countdown.

Don’t believe me just watch..

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Jay Park (박재범) – So Good [Dance Cover by Limitless]

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A dance group from Sweden covering Jay Park’s So Good. This is so good :)


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“HABITS – JAYMES YOUNG (Slaptop Remix)” | by Mike Song

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“Oh the habits of my heart.”


Jeremy Lin earns 18,997 Free Tacos for sellout crowd

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The Staples Center promised fans free Jack In The Box tacos if the Lakers scored 100 points or more against the Orlando Magics. Lin hits the 3 pointer at the last minute which brought the Lakers to a final score of 101.

Side note, Lin secured the win for the team in the 4th and led the team in scoring. Hop, step and skip on my brother.


Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

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Taylor Swift – Shake it Off (Violin Cover)

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To the girl over there with the hella good hair – why don’t you come’on over here so we can shake shake shake!