In-N-Out Food Review

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I think I’m gonna be driving to an In-N-Out near me, right about now!

Making Korean BBQ @ Home

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Eel? or Eww

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Kobe Beef

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Kids Try Kimchi For The First Time

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Adam Liaw’s Culinary Adventures in Australia & New Zealand

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New Zealand


Sushi Chef Reviews Cheap Sushi

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Interesting hearing a Sushi Chef with 15 years of experience reviewing store bought sushi. I have admittedly tried sushi from 7 Eleven, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Safeway and Korean markets and I actually like it. Yes, it does taste better when you get it from a restaurant, but when you’re feening for that sushi roll tho…

Cup Noodle Museum?

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I’ve always thought museums were the boringest* places to go to when I was a kid. School field trips anyone? But this… can’t tell if I would enjoy going here or not. It’s a museum for instant noodle. WTF Only in Japan.

Pho District, Vietnamese Fusion Food

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Definitely making myself rice crispy ice cream rolls!

Korean Fried Chicken

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Mexican-Asian Fusion Food @ Cha Cafe in Southern California

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My mind can’t handle watching all the deliciousness! I think I’m going to order from a local Mexican restaurant and then an Asian restaurant and create my own fusion.

Singaporean Street Noms

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Chinese Restaurant Employee Breaks Frozen Slab of Meat on the Sidewalk

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Sidewalk adds extra flavor. No MSG needed.