Competitive Gaming

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As a gamer growing up, I never thought you could game for a living. I could have never imaging becoming famous and getting paid millions for doing something I enjoyed so much. Of course you have to be good at it… but I guess Justin Bieber was right. Never say never.

Top 10 Middle Evolution Pokémon

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There are great reasons why you wouldn’t evolve your Pokemon.

League of Legends Pro Gam3rs

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This is eSport baby! Growing up as a gamer, I could have only dreamed of turning my passion (addiction) of playing games into a successful career.


Anime Haul – Mecha, Evangelion, ZOE, Lagrange

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Just geeking out over anime.

Annchirisu Plays The Walking Dead Season 2 (Episode 1 – FULL)

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While we wait for the show to come back on, this will have to do!


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This video makes me want to get off my butt and go out into the world and do things with my life. No seriously. I want to say that I’m a hard worker but then there are people like Annchirisu who works even harder. She had a heck of a year last year. So did so many of other YouTubers that I admire. I just think it’s great that there are so many sources of inspiration out there.

favorite things about growing up in the 90’s with Phil and Jen

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just like phil and jen, i grew up in the 90’s. there were a lot of great things about growing up in the 90’s. some of those things are mentioned in the video. but then again, the graphics in video games and movies are WAAAAAY better nowadays and the current technologies available makes life so much easier/better. no, i didn’t get to grow up in a world full of the technology we have now but hey, life was much simpler back then and i got to enjoy it that way for a long time. i have fully embraced whatever changes that came my way and have learned to appreciate life as it comes.

-= LIVE =- League of Legends 2014 NA LCS Promotion Tournament D3 Coverage 2PM PST

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Welcome to shonblog’s first live coverage of a League of Legends Champion Series tournament! Watch the live twitch stream here or…

Watch live video from Riot Games on

Pro Gamer Faces Harsh Reality

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yoonsup “locodoco” choi chose games over college. so for the past 3 years, he’s being playing league of legends professionally. this year, him and his team did not make the north american championship series. in choi’s video, he says:

“I don’t know what to do anymore. My life revolves around League, my only value to the world is about fucking League. But whenever I play League, I feel so fucking sad, because of what happened… and when I don’t play League, I feel empty.”

choi ends the video in a rather bittersweet way… doubtful of his future, disappointed about the past, but not regretful of the life he chose and promises himself and everyone who cares to listen that he will continue to work hard and strive to be the best.


First gamer to be recognized as an athlete by U.S Government

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Whether or not you want to call playing video games a sport and the gamers athletes, the gears have been turning to make professional gamers athletes at the legal level since July 2013. Five months later, we have our first gamers to obtain such recognition, Kim “Violet” Dong Hwan, a 23-year-old South Korean StarCraft player, followed by League of Legend star Danny “Shiphtur” Le of Canada.

What does this mean for gamers? International gamer gamers are now able to obtain P-1A visas which will allow them to live, compete, and earn a salary in the United States for at least the next five years. In the bigger picture, the sky is the limit for games and gamers everywhere! Look at it this way, waaaaay back when, people kicked spherical objects around with one another for fun, then they made up rules and made it a game, then they called it fulball/soccer and before you know it, the game became legally recognized as a sport and the players athletes. Same thing here with games, I’m just saying….



Good Game, Good Times

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Stepmania is the free version of Dance Dance Revolution for PC, Mac and Linux. Whether I’m playing with the arrow keys on my keyboard or with a dance mat, it is always fun, always challenging and always a good game!


Sony’s PlayStation 4 Sells for $399, Cost ~$381 to Build One

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Sony hopes to make money with games instead. They should have an easier time this time around since the Playstation 3 was sold at a loss. The PS3 console went for $599 but cost around $800 to build.

Girl Gamers Are OP

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Best Singing Gamer on

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