Wengie’s Story

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Spread your wings and…

Following Your Dreams

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This is proof that hard work always pays off in one way or another :)


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Take out “work out” and put in whatever you want. Set your priorities. Set your goals. Don’t have time? Make time. Don’t think. Don’t dwell on all the reasons why you can’t. Just do. Nike.

Jeffery left everything behind to become a full-time Youtuber

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This is a great story of someone going above and beyond to make his dreams a reality. Definitely deserves the spotlight.

This Time Around / This Year I Know Better

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I use to live every day cleaning up mistakes. Always lost never knowing which road I should take.
But this year I’m making things right. So many times I fell to the floor and wondered if I ever get up again. But this time around I know… I made some mistakes but I’m stronger than the man I was before. I’m gonna wake up — living in a brighter day. Not taking it for granted. There’s no need to run away!

Here’s one for all the endings and for all the new beginnings

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Jenn of clothesencounters on YouTube is one of my fav personalities when it comes to fashion and vlogs. She graduated from UC Davis a few years ago. Last year, she moved into a house in Oakland,CA and this video is a tour of said house. She is now in Los Angeles, of course…

I wanted to share this video because I wanted to talk about the great things that comes from taking charge and stepping outside of your comfort zone. A lot of times we get stuck in one place, not because we are comfortable and happy, but because staying where you are is easy and change can be difficult and scary.

Change can also put us in a lonely place. Change can alienate us from the people that we know. How? Through change, we grow. Other people are not growing. We out grow many of our childhood friends. There are many people out there who are 30 on the outside, but are still 16 in the inside. Some people want to stay 21 forever and they go the extra mile to do so.

I believe that the cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.

When I started to invite change into my life, I felt like I had a new lease on life. Each time, major change proved to be a little overwhelming at times, but that’s how I know I was heading in the right direction. Feeling like I wanted to give up was a good sign. It meant that there was something worth giving up.

Every year, I look forward to all of life’s challenges. I know now that the steeper the climb, the more rewarding it is once I reach the top.


The Chase

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great message


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Apparently Canada like Asians more. Apparently, over in Canada-land, Asians are seen as… how do you say… tight? Apparently, over in Canadia, Asians are cool. BUT If that’s the case, why aren’t we all moving to Canada right this minute?

7 Facts About Psy’s “Hangover”

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Unless you’re familiar with Korean culture, you probably think Psy’s Hangover music video is weird and over-the-top as per usual. Actually, the things that take place in the video are quite normal for Koreans.

The Wong Fu Story

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The Bobby Lee Story

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Asians = Doctors, Lawyers, Scientists or Engineers

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New short film by Wong Fu Productions!

High School Advice (Bullying, Passions, Popularity)

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current UC Davis students Bryan and Ally share with us advice that they would give themselves back when they were going through high school.

Birthplace of shonblog – University of California, Davis

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COLLEGE!!! shonblog happened because of college… because of the experiences i had… the people i met… the things i learned… while i could go into a long story about my inspiration for creating shonblog… i won’t… because i rather just show you.

this hyperlapse video took over 100 hours of work and was done by a fellow UC Davis alum, Joseph Na. enjoy.

“What It Means To Be Korean” Going Back To Your Roots

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adopted by white parents in america from birth, dan finally meets his biological parents in korea. Click the title of this post for part 2, and part 3.