Natalie Tran Speaks @ Brown University

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Nat talks about being Asian and being in the media.


Japan’s Crazy Car Culture in 4k

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Shot entirely from the new GoPro HERO4 Black edition.



Filipino Problems

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For the non-Filipinos who don’t know what she meant by the bucket check out the video in the post.

Technology in South Korea

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Man we are light years behind…#MERICA!


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Nothing beats the view of Hawaii from 15,000 feet up in the air.

Super Nerd

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Before his fame on Jeopardy, he was just Arthur Chu, super nerd.

Can Anime Become Mainstream?

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Sure, the subculture around anime is weird and awkward, but that’s what makes it special. Anime is niche. That means that only certain people watch Anime. Mainly Asian people and geeks. Mostly, Asian geeks watch Anime. I am of course halfway kidding.

Ilram Choi

Spider-Man is Asian – Ilram Choi, the man underneath the suit

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Some of you may have seen The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) movie that is out in theaters now, but I bet you didn’t know that nearly all of Spider-Man’s kick-ass moves and Spidey mannerisms are preformed by an Asian dude. Don’t believe me? See for yourself in the videos below:

The Wong Fu Story

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The Bobby Lee Story

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23 Signs You Grew Up With “AZN Pride”

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Kimberly Wang and Tanya Chen of BuzzFeed posted an article that pretty much summed up my entire childhood growing up Asian in the early 90’s. It was a magical time for young Asians to charge of their own identity and to truly express themselves. We didn’t grow up in the Wong Fu Productions era or with the mainstream acceptance of Kpop. We had to start at ground zero.


Steven Yeun, The Last Asian Guy On Earth

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Whenever I see an Asian guy in a movie or TV show, I act like I just saw a unicorn in real life. On the outside, I’m acting cool, but on the inside, I’m pointing with my mouth wide open and saying, “He looks like me!” We (Asian males) exist motherfucker, but you’d never know it watching TV! Sometimes, just sometimes, it’s awesome to know that we exist in Fantasyland as well.

Being Half Asian

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The struggles are real for the half-Asians ones. The best of both worlds? Try the worst from both worlds…

Getting A New Tattoo

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I don’t have any tats… so it’s interesting to see in this video how much work and conceptualizing goes into one.

flappy bird

Dong Nguyen Makes $50,000/day From His Flappy Bird App

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The Flappy Bird game is no longer available in online app stores, but with over 50 million copies of the app downloaded, the game generates an estimated hundreds of millions to billions of advertisement impressions and tens of thousands of dollars each day. The creator of the game, Dong Nguyen, has pulled Flappy Bird off the online shelf because he claims that the game has ruined his simple life and for no other reason (see video below). I assume that it’s not the money that has ruined his “simple life,” but the fame that comes with creating someone that goes viral on the internet. Plus, internet trolls can be burdensome I’m sure.

Even though, Nguyen has taken down his app, people who have already downloaded the game can still play and the game still makes money from ad impressions.

7 Things Flappy Bird Taught Me