Like bubbles, questions get popped.

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Out casually shooting a dance reel. On the last scene, he proposes to her for reals. She never sees it coming. They’ve been together for about 5 years. She says yes!

Single by 30

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Girl says to boy: Let’s make a promise… if both of us is single by the time we’re 30, let’s get married :)
Boy: (Agrees.)


Everything Before Us – Official Trailer #1 – Wong Fu Movie

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Coming June 3, 2015

In the near future, all romantic relationships are overseen by the D.E.I. — The Department Of Emotional Integrity. Much like a credit score is given to represent financial responsibility, a ‘relationship score’ is given to keep people accountable for their romantic activity and choices. The score is public for all to see and affects various aspects of daily life.

Ben and Sara, a former couple in their early 30s, must meet again to settle a conflicting score and reconcile the reasons their relationship fell apart.
Seth and Haley decide to enter their first registered relationship together after just graduating high school. With bright eyes, innocent hearts, and a naive view of what love could be, they face a long distance relationship for the first time.
The two couples face different but intersecting challenges in love amidst the DEI rules.

The first feature film from Wong Fu Productions


3 Girls 1 Guy

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Ellie Goulding – Love me Like you Do

Runner Up by Jason Chen

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And of course Jason Chen comes out with a new music video about how nice guys finish last…

Pretty much sums up my love life =P. This isn’t a song about how “nice guys finish last”. It’s about making someone a priority when you’re just an option. If it’s clear the feelings aren’t mutual and you decide to stay, you only have yourself to blame ;).

-Jason Chen


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So don’t be a jerk :)

Honeymoon Avenue

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This song was a good reminder to me to always focus on the things that matters the most in life and looking at the bigger picture.

Akdong Musician(AKMU) 악동뮤지션

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I’ve posted their full album, Play.

0:00 1. Give Love
2:55 2. 200%
6:09 3. Melted
10:06 4. On the Subway
13:46 5. Parting
17:34 6. Artificial Grass
21:19 7. Hello
25:07 8. Little Star
28:53 9. Path
32:04 10. Idea
35:23 11. Galaxy


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How to make a girl melt

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I like that the song originates from John’s love for his wife Chrissy. Makes me all warm inside in this cold winter.


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When you’re young you think you know everything. You think you know what love is. You think the person you love loves you back. You think you’re a lot safer and secure than you really are. But reality feels like being stranded on a deserted island. Reality feels like a never ending uphill battle. Reality feels like hope and happiness is holding on for dear life as it’s dangling on a string that’s about to give at any moment.

Being strong is more difficult than anything.

Life will not go back to being simple.

The funny thing is that I realized that don’t want things to be easy.

I am ready for whatever life has to offer.

Life is more challenging now than ever, but it’s also more rewarding than ever.

If life is like a roller coaster ride then the climb just got higher and the drops have gotten even steeper to match.

I’m all buckled up and ready to go!


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Listen up kids. I’ve got a story to share.