S.A.D (Singles Awareness Day)

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Did cupid miss you by 100,000 feet? Then Feb 14th = Singles Awareness Day! This song is for all the single people. This isn’t a song about love, since love is last thing we’re thinking of.* It’s not about the cards or the candy hearts. Why should we care about what we should wear, for no body is there…. Plus, all the red and pink makes it so hard to think. It only reminds us of how we don’t have a date. So say it with me… “S.A.D. no Valentine for me. I’m gonna be alright. If it’s meant to be then it will be. There’s always next year. Just wait and see.”

My Dad is a Liar

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This made me .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.

After Us

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Wong Fu Productions is back with another heartbreaker, After Us. “Strangers, again” followed the journey a relationship from the moment two people met, to when they fell in love, and unfortunately, to their eventual breakup — It was told from a guy’s point of view. This time around, we are brought into the aftermath of a once loving relationship, told from the girl’s point of view. Enjoy!

White Girl Makes Racists Remarks At Asian Spa Worker, Both Are Actors, Watch Customers React

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This is an awkward social experiment. Definitely cringe worthy at times, but also somewhat touching as well.

珊瑚海 Coral Sea by Jay Chou ft. Lara (Jason Chen x Sharon Kwan Cover)

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the passion is not there anymore…

a smile cannot be forced…

at that time you and I were not mature and honest enough…

love is deeply buried in the Coral Sea…

Holland’s Got Talent Xiao Wang Receives Standing Ovation From Audience

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The Just Kidding Films crew did a video response to this video that I would like to share. Watch it here:


that face!

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the gif in this post depicts more accurately what will happen to you when you fall for those eyes…



AJ Rafael Music

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When We Say (Juicebox)

We Could Happen

Without You

1234/Best I Ever Had

11 year old

11-Year-Old Girl Runs Away to Avoid Forced Marriage, “I’d Rather Kill Myself”

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it’s heart-wrenching to hear 11-year-old Nada Al-Ahdal describing her parents as “these people,” and as people who threatened to kill her if she did not get married. the video ends with Nada telling her parents, “I’m done with you. You’ve ruined my dreams.”

here’s someone fighting for a chance to have a normal childhood, to go to school, and to grow up. i don’t know the exactly reason why Nada’s parents are trying to give her away (i’ll update this post when more info is released), but let’s assume that it is for financial reasons. maybe her parents have absolutely no money. they can’t buy food to survive or pay to keep the roof over their heads. maybe they figured that if they give their daughter away, they would in return get some money and their daughter will be taken care of. let’s say this was the case…

no parent should ever have in that position. we as a human race, as it stands, have more than enough resources for everyone living on this here earth to have enough clean water and food. even then, we can still enjoy many of the luxuries offered in the developed world. income inequality comes to mind. it was said in a superhero movie but it’s TRUE! “with great power comes great responsibility.” we need to start thinking as a collective society, as one human race. we need to become better people, better parents, better sons and daughters…. i can go on forever on this topic i think it’s best summed up by michael jackson in the song man in the mirror, ” if you wanna make the world a better place, take look at yourself then make the change.”