Real Life Thor Hammer

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Sam Sann at 2015 Houston Finals | American Ninja Warrior

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Doing what most people half his age can’t… 48 years young Sam Sann completes the final course of American Ninja Warrior!

Shin Lim, magic is back!

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Holographic Guku.

Jackie Chan portrait made of 64,000 CHOPSTICKS!

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My hero Jackie Chan turned 60 earlier this week and my baby’s mama Hong Yi created one of the most amazing portraits I’ve ever seen,

Blue Meth, Don’t Do Drugs Kids

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Blue meth is a hellava drug.

Tokyo, The Christmas Wonderland

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it’s a wonderland…a magical light filled wonderland, that’s all i can say. but hey, at least we can enjoy the best of christmas from all over the world in the comfort of home.

Miley Cyrus Secret Triangle Organization Conspiracy Illuminated

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sometimes the answers are right in front of our eyes but somehow we fail to see the truth. a secret organization and its secrets are only secret because of our failure to read between the lines, to connect the dots, and to put in the effort needed to known when we are being brainwashed!


it was like watching a movie being played out in real life

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for those of you who have no idea what LINSANITY is, for those of you who missed out back in 2012, this post is for you! i will provide as many links and videos in this post as i can, and i will break things down in true shonblog fashion. it’s never too late to catch up, and it’s not too late to relive the moment. so let’s do it.

let’s start with the trailer to jeremy lin’s documentary movie. [Rent Linsanity: Youtube, Amazon BUY Linsanity:  Amazon]

those of you who followed jeremy around the time of the summer league (july 2010), i’m talking about the game against the #1 draft pick, john wall… knew that we were watching something special. it was in your face poof that there can be a star NBA player of high caliber and of asian-american background. it was only a matter of time and it was about damn time.

(pause) i won’t focus too much on how much of a roller coaster ride it was for jeremy in this post. if you think you have ups and downs in your life, you have no idea… imagine being at the absolute top, being hailed as greatest in your profession by people, the media and experts because you made history and broke records set by other who are regarded as the best, simultaneously, imagine having people who’s sole purpose in life was to watch you fail, they made it their job to make sure you tripped and fell at every opportunity…. imagine every little mistake you make on the job and off, then have those mistakes blown out of proportions and used against you, to down play your success and achievements or even to say that they were a fluke… you see why i don’t want to go into this topic? just go watch the movie! i want to focus purely on the hype and excitement.

flash forward to february 4th 2012….i still have hd recordings of the game (knicks vs. nets) where Jeremy earned his NBA contract! there was no doubt that Lin was going to be cut from the knicks, BUT then he got his opportunity, he got his chance to get what he wanted the most in life. since basketball is jeremy’s life, he was essentially fighting for his life in this game but what was special was, he was smiling and having the time of his life. it was as if everyone could relate to him on another level, as if we could feel his pain, his struggles..

after three consecutive wins, Lin was the headline for the game against Kobe Bryant and the Lakers on 2/10/12. This was the game that changed everything. If you didn’t know who Jeremy Lin was at that point in time, you had a friend that did.

“He’s the toast of New York…” as if scoring 38 points against Kobe wasn’t enough, a few days later, this happened…

but that was linsanity 2012… who knows what the future will hold.



3Doodler The 3D Printing Pen or The Handle 3D Printer

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The 3Doodler costs $99 if you want one. Read Engadget’s review here.

Also, take a look at the final product and unboxing in the video below…


The Winter Storm

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Florida, how we envy you….

Holland’s Got Talent Xiao Wang Receives Standing Ovation From Audience

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The Just Kidding Films crew did a video response to this video that I would like to share. Watch it here:


What I have to say about and streaming games online

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A streamer who shall remain nameless, told me that he has made over $20,000 in six months from shared revenue and donations. What’s even more impressive are his reflexes, which prompted viewers on his stream’s chat to ask, “Are you really playing?” So he proves it to them by pointing the webcam at his keyboard and mouse. As he demonstrates his hand-eye coordination, it was a sight be behold. I can easily say that he is one of the best gamer in the world. Did I forget to mention that he’s still in high school?

Each month, 45 million people watch live video from 600,000 steamers playing games on An elite few, about 4,500 of them, are in the Twitch Partner Program. Twitch Partners earn a share of the revenue generated by their channel/streams. Other perks includes, full control over when commercial advertisement are shown, the ability to earn additional revenue from a subscription option, higher quality streams, and more customization features.

This is just the beginning of eSports and gaming. Nothing is defined or set in stone for the future. Many have quit their part-time jobs to stream and play games full-time. Many are college students, turning their time consuming habit of playing games into a way of paying for college expenses. While only a few are making a living playing games all day, I’m not one bit envious or jelly. All I have to say is… what a wonderful world we live in! :)

If you want to know how came to be, read the article “Inside Twitch, the site powering the eSport revolution,” by The Daily Dot..

Michael Jordan’s House

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