Chinese Restaurant Employee Breaks Frozen Slab of Meat on the Sidewalk

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Sidewalk adds extra flavor. No MSG needed.

Blue Meth, Don’t Do Drugs Kids

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Blue meth is a hellava drug.


Your Old Asian Parents Need Help

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help your old asian parents or family members this holiday season. it’ll only take a few minutes to uninstall all those toolbars. so just do it for goodness’ sake!

lorde and bf n

Lorde and her Asian boyfriend gets cyber-bullied

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allegedly, Lorde called One Direction and Justin Bieber ugly, and now one-directioners and bielievers (that’s what you call fans of One Direction and JB) are lashing out at Lorde’s boyfriend, James K. Lowe, a 24 year-old photographer from New Zealand. But according to Daily News, Lorde has never been quoted saying anything negative about the physical appearances of either party. More than anything, Lorde is probably a fan of One Direction’s music as she recently attended their concert and tweeted, “the weirdest lil goth at the one direction concert is meeeee.”

The worst attacked made by people are focused on Lowe’s race. I won’t get into that stuff but if you’re interested, check out the video below.

The couple have been together before Lorde became a star.

lorde and bf5 lorde and bf6

I have nothing more to say about this story…so to end it on a funny note… check out the parody video of Lorde’s hit song, Royal by Barely Political.


the scariest zombies are the ones that does parkour

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i wanted to post something about the mid season finale of the walking dead season 4 and then i found this video. go visit devinsupertramp’s youtube channel for more.

Holland’s Got Talent Xiao Wang Receives Standing Ovation From Audience

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The Just Kidding Films crew did a video response to this video that I would like to share. Watch it here:

The Japanese reinvented the pocket lighter

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another questionable Japanese commercial…