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Two years ago a video of a girl dancing went viral on YouTube. The title of the video was “WHO’S THAT GIRL???” The only information that was revealed about this girl was that she was “the 5th” member of a new girl group and that she was only 16. With the internet being the internet, fans/stalkers found out: her name (Lalisa Monaban aka Lalice) and she was not Korean but was in the process of joining a Korean Pop/Dance group created by YG Entertainment.

Last I heard, she did not make the group because she could not fluently speak Korean, however she is still trying to learn the language. I can’t seem to find anything official so I guess for me, in a sense, I’m still wondering, who’s that girl? Or rather, where’s that girl?

I guess in the meantime, I’ll settle with della712 who is as good as Lalice, but has a ton of videos on her Youtube channel for me to watch.

Della to the left and Lalice to the right:


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