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A streamer who shall remain nameless, told me that he has made over $20,000 in six months from shared revenue and donations. What’s even more impressive are his reflexes, which prompted viewers on his stream’s chat to ask, “Are you really playing?” So he proves it to them by pointing the webcam at his keyboard and mouse. As he demonstrates his hand-eye coordination, it was a sight be behold. I can easily say that he is one of the best gamer in the world. Did I forget to mention that he’s still in high school?

Each month, 45 million people watch live video from 600,000 steamers playing games on An elite few, about 4,500 of them, are in the Twitch Partner Program. Twitch Partners earn a share of the revenue generated by their channel/streams. Other perks includes, full control over when commercial advertisement are shown, the ability to earn additional revenue from a subscription option, higher quality streams, and more customization features.

This is just the beginning of eSports and gaming. Nothing is defined or set in stone for the future. Many have quit their part-time jobs to stream and play games full-time. Many are college students, turning their time consuming habit of playing games into a way of paying for college expenses. While only a few are making a living playing games all day, I’m not one bit envious or jelly. All I have to say is… what a wonderful world we live in! :)

If you want to know how came to be, read the article “Inside Twitch, the site powering the eSport revolution,” by The Daily Dot..

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