Fire Man

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Fire Man will be the next hit movie, just you wait. written by yours truly. click here to read the full movie script.


In the story of Fire Man, we meet our champion, our hero, John. He is a mere mortal. He is one in a million, but nonetheless, in a sea of billions. John’s role in our lives is not to save us from ourselves, but to represent humanities’ will, courage, and soul.

John is the man we choose to represent the good in all of us. So we test him, tempt him and make sure his life is all the more difficult because, ultimately, he will be sent to the underworld to remind darkness that the light is shinning bright and it is shining strong. Innocent, he will never know what we have entrusted in him. Selfless, he will ask for nothing more in return but the answers to his questions.

Why… are you waiting to meet this man?

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[…] This is not my first time writing screenplays anymore. I feel like I can be more bold this time around. I have even better ideas and I can’t wait to get started. I will be doing my first sequel on my favorite script, Fire Man. […]


[…] A year later, gearing up for another year as a scene technician, I fracture my left fibula bone. “I’ve never seen anything like it,” the doctors told me. In a wheelchair, on crutches, in a leg cast for 3+ months, it was undoubtedly the worst moment of my life. It was also the time when I came up with my favorite movie of all time, Fire Man. […]