THe Bad Guys

How I Got Started On Writing Movie Scripts (part 2)

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My second creation is “The Bad Guys.” Reading it two years later, I’ve come to the realization that it could possibly be the worst action movie script ever written. Anyways, here’s the premise: A group of friends (high school students, cops, strippers, mid-level drug dealers) band together on weekends to live a second life involving street racing and pulling pointless heists in Oakland, California. The concept is definitely there but the story line definitely needs more development. And the writing… is as always, horribad. BUT, if you like to go from 0-100 mph in the wrong direction, you can read the script here.

Inspiration for The Bad Guys came from my experiences growing up in Oakland. Having just written Quarter Life Crisis, an emotional roller coaster ride (might be giving myself a little too much credit there, excuse me), I needed something more upbeat, energetic, exciting and thrilling. When I’m writing these scripts, I feel like I become these characters that I have created. I also feel like I live and breathe in these imaginary worlds. It’s not difficult for me to become fully immersed in the fantasy since I draw from reality, the physics are real, the conversations and the events that unfold have a basis in real life.

When The Bad Guys was completed, I felt like I had passed the test. I was a Hollywood screenwriter, I thought to myself with my head held high. I was ready to step it up in terms of character development, story depth and all that jazz. I was ready to create something worthy of what I would call “my favorite movie of all time.” Unleash the brainstorm…

I had some bright ideas, a few eureka moments, and several times the word “hallelujah” was even a appropriate, but all of which wasn’t enough to develop into a full length movie script. That special indescribable element just wasn’t there. By then, I have fully accepted that all good things have a beginning, middle and an end. It sure felt like the end. It was time to move on to the next thing I suppose. That is until Hollywood comes knocking at my door. I ended up getting a call from my university instead. A job as a scene technician, with a flexible schedule and the highest hourly wage of any job I ever had. I was in.

A year later, gearing up for another year as a scene technician, I fracture my left fibula bone. “I’ve never seen anything like it,” the doctors told me. In a wheelchair, on crutches, in a leg cast for 3+ months, it was undoubtedly the worst moment of my life. It was also the time when I came up with my favorite movie of all time, Fire Man.

I’ll end the story here, who knows… maybe there will be a part 3 and a 4th movie script… anything is possible.


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