Searching for the Perfect Running Shoes

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if college has taught me anything, it is to be resourceful. although, i admit, i can take being resourceful a little to far. for instance, i would often wear a pair of running shoes until the soles are completely gone and my socks eventually pays the price. not to mention my knees and my feet. i would then have to buy new socks, which is an additional cost, which goes against being resourceful. okay, okay, i’m making it sound like it is highly stressful being resourceful but it is not the case at all, but rather it is extremely gratifying to know that you are getting the most out of what you are paying for.

when it comes to running shoes, my first priority is my personal health and fitness. let me explain. i am sure that a $20 pair of running shoes from payless or walmart would do the trick for “running.” but if you are anything like me, who runs for 6-7 miles at a time, who often wears the same pair of running shoes casually as an everyday shoe, and almost certainly wear the heck out of the thing… you need a pair of shoes that has more research and development vested in it. hence i go with a name brand company who works with world class athletes to develope shoes that are designed to take a beating. currently my favorite running shoes are the adidas men’s climacool:


they were half the price of the nike run+ but to nike’s credit, the nikes are much lighter:

upon checking my amazon purchase for my addias, it seems that i bought the shoes on august 23, 2011… who knows how many miles they have seen. safe to say i’m long overdue for a new pair of running shoes.


as of right now, i am being swayed by nike with this commercial

and with this video

i have also done my own research and lets just say, i am saving my pennies.


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