2013 mac pros, some people see a trash can others see…

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the new mac pros¬†coming later this year will not have a glass enclosure shown in this picture, but if you get one and ever accidentally throw trash into the top of it, no one will blame you, at least i won’t. although i will not be buying a mac pro nor can i afford to, i love to see companies make bold moves in design. the question is, would steve jobs approve of this product? read on…

the 2013 mac pro is “but wait, there is one more thing” worthy. with its much needed refresh, everyone knew it was going to be 2x, 3x…blah blah blah faster in processing, memory speeds or what have you. it’s all about the design here. 1/8 the size of the previous mac pro, it’s the desktop device the tech world is in a frenzy about (loving it or hating on it), it’s bold and it’s apple.

the mac pro interior/exterior design sets itself from any desktop out there. “think different,”¬† check. with so much buzz surrounding the machine already, the presence of jobs would have only made it standing ovation good during the sneak preview


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