Tesla Offers 90 sec Battery Swap Instead of Waiting to Charge Battery

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Picture this, you’re in your Telsa… driving through an In-N-Out for some burgers and fries, and of course, you’ll be eating in the car while watching an entertaining video on the Tesla’s 17 inch screen on the dash, you then decide to go get a car wash, why not, and before for going home for the day, because you have a few minutes to spare, you stop by a Tesla station to get a “full tank of gas” in about 90 secs. Oh, I forgot to mention one thing, you did everything I just mentioned without ever having to get out of the car.

Tesla wins again. The “Apple” of car companies are once again showing the world why electric cars are the best cars.


Another plus, Tesla offers free charging at their stations. Basically, you can effectively drive your Tesla without spending a penny on the electricity.

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