Miryo 미료 – The Way We Were (사랑해 사랑해, I love you I love you) ft Sunny 써니

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featuring female rapper miryo and sunny of girls’ generation, this is the music video / behind the scenes for the single “the way we were.” they make it look easy, but a lot work goes into doing what they do. to most, working in entertainment may looks like it’s all fun and games, but if anyone can do it, then everyone would. for some reason i felt the need to make that point. i guess it’s because i have friends and people around me who wished that they could do what these girls are doing. i’ve never said it to anyone of them but i’ve always thought that to first step towards your dreams is just to start walking down the path that will lead to your dreams… soon enough you’ll encounter things that will make you want to quit and turn back around, and wished you had never started in the first place. it’s at that very point in time, you must pass your first test. you have to fight, crawl, and do whatever it takes because things will only get harder. what gets me through rough times is knowing that as the difficulty increases so does the rewards. also, no challenge means no reward.

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