Arthur Chu Uses Math to Win Jeopardy

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My boy, Arthur Chu, or AC, as I like to call him, is Jeopardy’s latest sensation. Most of the buzz surrounding him involves his use of game theory and unorthodox methods to win show after show. His approach to the game have split the Jeopardy community into two camps, those that despise him and those that admire him.

AC’s strategy is to hunt down the hidden Daily Double, as fast as possible. He will jump from category to category going straight for the highest paying and also more difficult questions (the daily doubles are typically located on one of the three highest-paying questions). Usually, players pick one category and start with the lowest paying question, then builds towards the higher paying / more difficult questions. Viewers are also accustomed to the game being played this way. I find it somewhat dizzying as AC jumps around the board at lighting speeds, but it’s very enjoyable to watch. And there is a method to his madness, AC uncovered all three of the game’s Daily Doubles on his second time on the show.

AC is a BEAST when it comes to pressing the buzzer-clicker. He repeatedly smashes the clicker with his thumb like his life depended on it. This annoys people while others see it as, you gotta do what you gotta do to win. Most contestants do this BTW, AC just does it a lot more lol.

AC plays like it’s about to be the end of the world and he needs to be somewhere other than playing Jeopardy. He often times interrupts Alex Trebek’s words so that he can get to the next question. Time is literally money in this game. The more time you have, the more questions you can answer, the more money you can win. However, this is not the most endearing play style.

People, or rather, haters, have poked fun of the way AC is dressed on the show.


One of the things that intrigued people the most, me included, was when AC opted to go for a tie rather than a win over his opponent. AC could have easily wagered $1 more, but made the decision to allow his opponent the opportunity for a tie. In a tie situation, both players wins money and both players moves into the next show. A good strategy would be to eliminate your opponents so that in the next show, you’ll have Jeopardy experience over everyone else. This is why I admire AC. His opponent won $26,800 because of everything I just talked about. Going for the tie is the awesome thing to do, but it’s also the most strategic thing to do as well: Watch the video below to learn why:

Unrelated to Jeopardy… I want to point out AC’s description of himself on twitter:

“Mad genius, comedian, actor, and freelance voiceover artist broadcasting from the distant shores of Lake Erie.”

I did some digging and found his Youtube channel and these videos.

AC’s Stand-up

All you need to know about AC

Mental_Floss did an interview with the Man that’s pretty interesting. Hey, he’s an interesting character, as if you didn’t already know by now…

arthurchu meme

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