Fukushima radiation hits the beaches in San Francisco (video)

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back in march of 2011, japan was hit by a tsunami that was triggered by a magnitude 9 undersea megathrust earthquake… in other words, shit hit the fan over there. and that was especially the case at the fukushima nuclear power plant where the tsunami caused catastrophic damage and the subsequent meltdown of the plant. 300,000 people had to be evacuated from the area as radiation leaked into the surrounding environment. some of said radiation has reached the shores of california, causing the radiation level to be several times higher than normal.

on december 23rd 2013, a guy went to pacifica state beach aka surfers beach, california and with his geiger counter, measured radiations above 150 cpm, the normal radiation levels in that area is around 30 cpm.

a cpm of 150 is much lower than what you would experience during a flight (see here). so… should we be concerned?

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