Meta’s SpaceGlasses: A cheaper and better Google Glass you can BUY NOW

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For $667 dollars, you can order a pair of augmented reality glasses. Meta, the company that makes these glasses claims that they are the most advanced augmented reality interface available. So what they are really saying is, the Space Glasses better than Google Glass. At this point, this device does not look to be consumer ready – meaning, it will require some technical knowledge to get this thing to function as intended. For the developers out there and anyone who cares, here are the specs:

Hardware – Augmented Reality 3D Glasses

  • Twin 960×540 see through TFT LCD displays at 23 degrees Field of View, via HDMI
  • 720p RGB camera via USB
  • 320×240 Infra-Red Depth Camera via USB
  • 9 degree of freedom sensor (3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis compass) via USB

Software – Augmented Reality 3D Glasses

  • Chess
  • 3D Sculpt+Print Tool, in partnership with Game Draw 3D
  • Laser Tag
  • Voxel Editor
  • MetaCraft, a MineCraft simulator

Unity 3D SDK For Developers

  • Unity 3D Surface Tracking for markers, features and featureless surfaces.
  • Unity 3D Hand Tracking including hand meshes, skeleton and gestures.
  • Depth map and RGB feed fully accessible for custom computer vision work.
  • Example applications from the above list as open source code for you to work from


  • Windows-based PC
  • Unity 3D if developing apps

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3 years 3 months ago

I want one soooo bad. But if im getting one i want the good more refind version. the Pro version. IT’S JUST SOOO EXPENSIVE. URGG. gonna have to wait a while. urggg :(