flight 214

is there sum ting wong?

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asiana flight 214 hit a sea wall when it was trying to land in san francisco international airport on july 6th.  KTVU channel 2 news released the names of the pilots involved as Captain Sum Ting Wong (Some Thing Wrong), (Wi Tu Lo) We Too Low, (Ho Lee Fuk) Holy F#$K, Bang Ding Ow (sound of crash, injuries, ouch). sorry if i’m being captain obvious there. the most surprising thing is that the news anchor did not realize that she was reading bogus names. or none of the producers caught the joke before it aired.

i had a good laugh. it actually made my day to be honest, i don’t think it was high on the offensive scale to call it racist. being asian myself i have the immunity idol to make such statement. :) it was a bit offensive, a bit wrong to say the least, but a prank well executed.

i just thought it was a well executed prank, from the person who had the audacity to come up with the names and to put in on a slideshow on live tv, to the news anchor to read the names out loud without noticing that the names were erroneous. of course there are people who are going to be offended, we all understand why… the news agency has since made a public apology but what i want more is a news story about how this all came to be: thoughts and opinions from the person who came up with the names and the reaction of the news anchor. if i find it i will post it here.


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