Costco Free Samples, A Free Meal From Small Bites (Pro Tips)

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  • First, don’t be stupid, grab the bigger pieces!
  • Say that you’re grabbing an extra sample for someone else but really it’s for you
  • Say that the first sample was amazing then ask if you can have another
  • Figure out when the food will be finished cooking, go to other tables, come back when food is cooked
  • Go to the table where no one is waiting, usually you can eat to your heart’s content (have a conversation with the server, keep eating as you chat)
  • If your a kid, just grab seconds, you can get away with it :)
  • On a super crowded table with a lot of people waiting, the server will actually personally hand the samples out to people one by one. Simply by saying that the sample looks or smells good will get the server’s attention and you will get your food faster

If push comes to shove:

  • Push and shove
  • Put your hand over the food fast like you’re playing Slapjack
  • Grab the food over the shoulders of the server
  • Yell fire! Grab and run!

Getting free samples when there is a mob of hungry CostCo shoppers is very dangerous. Proceed with caution and at your own risk.

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