currently in the process of writing my 4th full length movie script

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I’ve been here before: I get an idea for a movie, but lack the how do you say?… the special little something to give me the push I need to sit down and spend a CRAP TON of time and brain power to turn the idea into a 100 page script.

Late last night, I watched the movie Skyfall. I NEARLY stopped watching halfway through, but I forced myself to watch the whole thing. And I’m glad I did. I believe this was my first 007 movie, and probably my last. To put it simply, IT SUCKED! However, I got the motivation I needed to write my next movie!

I’m frustrated that poorly written movies and therefore, bad movies become big hits and thus popular. Examples of poorly written movies are as follows: Skyfall, Up and The Dark Knight Rises (not to be confused with The Dark Knight, which in my opinion was extremely well written. I think it’s Nolan’s best work. I use to say Inception was this best work until I found out that it was a rip-off of the movie Paprika). Anyways, these movies have so much potential to become great movies, EASILY! With several minor tweaks and adding a few extra twist and turns…whatever.

People deserve a better class of heroes and villains, and I’m gonna give it to them.

This is not my first time writing screenplays anymore. I feel like I can be more bold this time around. I have even better ideas and I can’t wait to get started. I will be doing my first sequel on my favorite script, Fire Man.

To be coninuted.



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