Greatest Television Show Featuring Asian-Americans in Pop Culture

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There was once a HD television series that focused on Asian-American pop culture called MYX-Rated. It ran for two seasons before it got cancelled. The show was like Attack of the Show!,┬ábut Asian! I can’t find full episodes online, but I did find the documentary to the show (watch it in this post).

The show first aired in 2011. It was a time when Asian-Americans were coming up on the YouTube stage. The show was perfectly aligned to take advantage of that. It simply made sense to have a show like MYX-Rated because the demand was always there and it was about time.

It was really a great show IMO. I just think that not enough people knew about the show to keep it going. None of my friends knew about it until I told them and I have a lot of friends! JK… I have no friends… #Foreveralone… But I’m glad we at least had something to call our own, however brief it was…

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