Old Master Q Comics: Features my childhood heroes Old Master Q, Big Potato & Mr. Chin

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The best things in life are free.. When I was single digit age, my cousin gave me stacks of Old Master Q comics when she was through with them. I remembered how much I loved those comic books. Each page was a new story. Each page was a new joke. I remember how funny the jokes were. I remember how much of a mindf@#k some of the stories were. Hey, I was a kid. I believed these comics were the most creative things EVAR!


There was your usual suspects Big Potato, Mr. Chin and of course Old Master Q.


They had some of the most epic win and epic fail moments that I can recall.. The random story-lines just lends itself to a world of laughter and entertainment.


The Old Master Q series is created by my man Alfonso Wong check out the comics at his website at

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