Real Life Minecraft Torch, Iron Sword and Stone Pickaxe

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Fans of Minecraft can now buy a real life replica of the pixelated iron sword and stone pickaxe. These are made of hard foam so you can do some real swinging without doing serious damage. These are scaled for teens and adults, but i’m sure any fan of Minecraft would love to have one. The sword and pickaxe will definitely be an awesome decorative item to geek out any room. I have also seen a gold sword in the wild, which leads me to believe that there will be more Minecraft weapons and items like this in the future. Click the pictures below to get your hands on one.

The Torch is made of a different material, traditional hard plastic and it will light up using 3 x AAA batteries. I wish it was also made out of the same foam material for consistency but it still looks great. It can stand up on its own, so you can but it on top of a table or on the floor of a dark cave. The brightness of the light is decent.

There’s a bunch more Minecraft gear on Amazon but these were the coolest things I’ve found.

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