Silk Road, The “Amazon for Drugs” Was Shut Down (but how did it work?)

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The website Silk Road operated within the Tor network, which is designed to keep its user identities and locations hidden. Using Tor’s free browser software, one can not only access the internet anonymously but access the “Undernet” or the “Deep Web,” websites that exits outside the scope of search engines like Google and conventional browsers like Firefox or Chrome.

Coupled with the privacy protection of Tor and the anonymous digital currency Bitcoin, Silk Road was thriving in the dark side of the net. In the following, I will show you how you could have logged on to the Silk Road website.

Using Facebook > Search for “Silk Road Anonymous Marketplace” > Click to go to the About section > Find the url and copy it (the url is known to change, that’s why these steps are necessary)


The last known url was http://www.silkroadvb5piz3r.onion/

Now activate the Tor browser >


> Type in the url at the address bar and hit enter


> You can join by setting up an account (it’s all anonymous, important to have an account for bitcoin transactions)

silk road login

> and you’re in! Watch the video below to see the Silk Road in action.



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