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Jeremy Lin 3.0, Beyond Linsanity

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The story of Jeremy Lin is all about the American Dream… in sports and far beyond, he represents all the underdogs, all those who have been overlooked and all those who have been unaccounted for. Against all odds, Lin achieved his dreams of becoming an NBA player through good old fashion hard-work. But of course, the story doesn’t end there. Even with Lin’s history breaking success (in Lin’s first 5 games starting for the Knicks, Lin scored more points than any player in the history of the NBA comparatively), sparking the craze that is dubbed Linsanity, signing a 25 million dollar contract with the Houston Rockets, Lin is still overlooked – even by the same organization who signed him.

For more information on Lin’s most current uphill battle, I suggest you read this article.

Here’s a gif to sum it all up. This is Lin’s second game as a NY Knick, but first time playing at Madison Square Garden, his home court. The man to the right of Coach Mike D’Antoni, appears to be taken back by Lin. And the woman appears to ask the man “who is that?” to which the man amusingly shrugs.


After the game above vs. the NJ Nets, Lin was the toast of the town. Five days later, after facing the Lakers, Lin became a household name. I have even heard sports analysts say Lin was the greatest sport story of all time. Though, Linsanity was short lived, I personally will never forget the impact it had and still have on my life. That’s why I can’t wait for what’s in store for this upcoming NBA season starting October 29th.


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