Some people will never forget the magic that was/is/will continue to be, Linsanity

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Sometimes you just have to read between the lines. It’s not about the positive things people say or the negative things. It’s about what you see and and what you hear with your own eyes and ears. It’s about taking it all in and drawing your own conclusions.

Saturday Nov, 16th: Jeremy Lin & Houston Rockets Defeat Denver Nuggets 122-111 In Game #11

Back story on the featured Image taken Nov, 14th 2013:
message by rosecaiola02@gmail.com
HI All, Sorry if some of you have seen my comments about the Knicks game before, but I have been asked to post my courtside observations again because people missed my previous comments. It was an amazing game. When Lin made his entrance on to the court, fans at the Garden cheered (though in traditional NBA style, they booed him during free throws). Although most people around us were cheering for the Knicks, people admitted they wished Lin success and that he was back at the knicks. Lin seemed very subdued when the game began.He had just come off a 48 min game the night before. He gained momentum and exploded in the 3rd and 4th quarters. I had seen several Rox games last season and witnessed coaches yelling at Lin, that was not the case last night. They let him play, and he was confident. His team mates obeyed when Jeremy called a play, and even Harden passed the ball to Jeremy on occasion. Parsons was the one exception, hogging the ball and ignoring Jeremy constantly. Jeremy and Amare hugged it out, and spent time laughing and talking. After the game, Jeremy came over to us for high fives and pics. My kids were decked out in J Lin jerseys and Lin said” Hey, nice shirts!” He took the bracelets off his arms and gave them to my boys. The bracelets say “In Jesus name I play”. What an inspiration! My son has his first game of his first team tomorrow, he will wear that bracelet. Jeremy is so much more than a gifted athlete and a spiritually beautiful person, he is a wonderful role model and a testament to the American ideal that hard work, perseverance and faith will bring fulfillment in life.

sourced from www.jeremylin.net

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